• Incentive Trip – January 11-16, 2020

    Earn a 5 night all-inclusive luxury trip to Paradisus Punta Cana Resort in the Dominican Republic!

    Qualifiers will receive the following for themselves and a guest:

    1   Round trip airfare

    2   Transfer to and from the airport upon arrival and departure date

    3   6 days, 5 nights all-inclusive accommodation in Paradisus
    Junior Suite Garden View

    4   Group Activity

    5   Welcome Reception

    6   Farewell Dinner

    All-inclusive accommodation includes:

    1   9 on-site restaurants with break, lunch, dinner buffet and a la carte

    2   8 bars with domestic and international premium beverages

    3   In-room minibar included beer, soft drinks and water

    4   Daytime and evening entertainment

    5   Non-motortized water sports including kayaks, windsurfing, catamaran, snorkeling and pedal boats

    6   Wifi at the resort

    Buy-In pricing for third and fourth guest will be available fall 2019

    Qualify For 4 out of the 6 Months to Win

    Qualification Period: June 1 - November 30

    June Qualifications

    Drawing Winners

    Alma Rosa Gonzalez Bustillos
    Elie Michel Guerrero
    Eloy Molina Núñez
    Elsy Beatriz Canto Pérez
    John Rankins

    Monthly Reward

    iPhone or $500 Cash**

    Complete ONE of The Following

    1   Enroll 2 Peope on a business pack and start sharing with 10 new contacts through our ACTIVZ app


    2   Enroll 3 new PCs on 100PV with a monthly autoship created for July and start sharing with 10 new contacts through our ACTIVZ app*

    *The more enrollments you manke, the more tickets you get in the monthly drawing
    **5 winners will be selected in a random drawing

    July Qualifications

    Drawing Winners

    Maria Elena Diaz
    Ricardo Moran Zepeda
    Lourdes Paucca Lopez
    María de Jesús Rico Méndez
    Ereira Inmaculada Salas Carrero

    Monthly Reward

    iPad or $500 Cash

    Complete ONE of The Following

    1   A1-A3 rank advance 2 (two) ranks*. A4+ rank advance 1 (one) rank*. Share a product testimonial with corporate through WhatsApp or Facebook.


    2   Enroll 3 (three) new distributors on a business pack and start sharing with 10 new contacts through the ACTIVZ App. Share a product testimonial with corporate through WhatsApp or Facebook.

    *Based on paid rank in June, business center rank advancement counts toward qualification.
    • The more enrollments you make, the more tickets you get in the monthly drawing
    • 5 winners will be selected in a random drawing

    August Qualifications

    Drawing Winners

    Liberty Enterprises – Kurt Heisey
    María Elena Castañeda Palos
    Rosa Laura Alejandro Rodríguez
    Verónica García Cabrales
    Zuly Susana Zelada Diaz

    Monthly Reward

    Punta Cana Adventure Pack (GoPro + accessories or a $500 Cash Card)

    Complete ONE of The Following

    1   Personally Enroll ONE new Distributor on any Enrollment Pack* with 100PV+ and help TWO of your personal enrollments enroll 1 new Distributor on any Enrollment Pack* with 100PV+


    2   Personally Enroll FOUR new Distributors on an Advanced or Premium Enrollment Pack or Activation Kit with 150PV+.

    Raffle Boost: ANY enrollment made on the Summer Value Pack + Activation Kit will earn you an additional entry into the monthly reward drawing, no limits. You must meet one of the monthly qualifications for the raffle boost to apply.

    Additional Qualification:
    Follow up with 10 prospects and report progress to your upline or your team Submit an EMORA Testimonial through the ACTIVZ Facebook or Whatsapp

    • The more Summer Value Pack enrollments you make, the more tickets you get in the monthly drawing
    • 5 winners will be selected in a random drawing

    Month 4

    September Qualifications

    Monthly Reward

    Anyone who enrolls two new Distributors with a combined total of 1,000PV* will receive a $100 cash card (no limit, the more you enroll, the more you earn).

    *Distributors must enroll with an Activation Kit and a combined total of 1,000PV

    Complete ONE of The Following

    1   Personally enroll 2 new Distributors with a total of 1,000PV* and help 4 or your personal enrollments enroll 2 new Distributors with a total of 1,000PV*


    2  Pin Rank Advance to A8.  If pin rank is already A8 or higher you must rank advance one lifetime rank (business centers qualify).

    Month 5

    October Qualifications


    Month 6

    November Qualifications


    Terms and Conditions:

    • This promotion is exclusive to United States, Mexico and Peru Distributors

    • Entries are only valid for the drawing period in which they enrolled. Enrollments outside of the enrollment period will not be included.

    • Qualifying enrollments must be entered and paid in full during the designated qualification period. Any new enrollment with pending payment at the end of the qualification period will not be included in monthly drawing.

    • Qualifying positions are non-transferable and are only valid for those listed on the account.


    • Incentive trip qualifiers limited to one distributor and guest per distributorship (which includes primary distributorship and all additional business centers). Additional guests may be permitted to accompany a prize qualifier provided (1) there is space availability, (2) the prize qualifier requests and receives prior written approval from ACTIVZ, and (3) the prize winner pays ACTIVZ for all additional expenses associated with such additional guest participation, including but not limited to resort accommodations, transportation, food and beverages, activities, etc.

    • Enrollment packs may not be purchased by the enroller.

    • If the qualifier does not respond or redeem a prize within the designated timeframe, or rejects the prize, ACTIVZ will have the right to terminate the prize. The prize qualifier expressly authorizes ACTIVZ to disseminate in the media that ACTIVZ deems appropriate, whatever they may be, her or his full name, country and city of origin, likeness and in general all data that may be required for the purpose of disseminating this promotion in the media and in the manner in which ACTIVZ disposes, without the right to any compensation.

    • All promotions of ACTIVZ may be suspended, canceled or modified, in whole or in part, at any time in its sole discretion, without prior notice and without any claim by the participants. ACTIVZ is the unappealable authority that will interpret all the questions that arise in relation to this promotion and the bases and conditions of the promotion.

    • Any violation of these terms and conditions or the misconduct of any prize qualifier will, at the sole discretion of ACTIVZ, result in the revocation of the winner's prize and designation as a prize winner, and all privileges related to her or his character as winner will be terminated with immediate effect. The receipt of any of the components of the prize of this promotion by the qualifier is conditioned upon prior compliance with each of the applicable requirements and in accordance with the provisions of applicable law. Each prize qualifier is responsible for any and all taxes that may be applicable to the award of the prize.

    • By participating, each Distributor agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold ACTIVZ, its members, officers, employees, agents, and affiliates, and all other persons and entities involved in the development, production, and/or administration of the promotion, harmless from any and all liability for losses, harm, damage, injury, costs, fees, and expenses, including without limitation, property damage, personal injury (including emotional distress), and/or death, arising from participating in the promotion, any prize-related activity, and/or acceptance, receipt, possession or use/misuse of any prize, and for any claims or causes of action based on publicity rights, defamation, or invasion of privacy